Do you require funding for Real Estate or Property Development?

Have you been turned away by the conventional methods of financing through the banks / mortgage lenders?

Mayfair Capital Planning can help! We can introduce you to an alternative method of financing via our own lender. This type of funding is pier to pier lending with a number of primary lenders at one end and under writers at the other.

The funds are insured with a bond that is valued at 5% the total loan value. It is this bond which forms the structure to make loans viable where ordinarily lending struggles.

Through this method 110m has been secured for our clients and is awaiting disbursement to our clients via the lender’s lawyers. This funding system complies with the world patriot act and is completely steered by the UK Law.

Minimum that can be applied for is 500k with no ceiling for businesses that have a revenue stream and are requiring finance for expansion purposes.

For more information email me or indeed to arrange a meeting.


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