Looking for a Rehab Lender or Private Money with better "TERMS"

I am looking for a lender with better rates and terms then a Hard Money Lender. Detail of the deal: Houston, TX, 77064, Winchester Country Subdivision, ARV=$116,109, Purchase Price $81,809, Repairs estimated at $15,000 (hard number not available until March 30th, 2014) still need to do a complete review of the property, closing date 4/22/2014. Available cash on hand for repairs $23,133.59. Must be able to act fast or Hard Money it is. Buyer's Credit is good. You can contact me through Linkedin with your contact number. Thanks, Ernest

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Comment by Wayne Hayward on May 5, 2014 at 1:08pm

Did you find anyone? contact at haywardanita@gmail.com

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