Truthfully, and, unfortunately 99% of the businesses owners that have applied for funding  have no clue in terms of how to prepare their businesses and themselves for funding. This is mandatory before looking at real estate, or beginning to seek funding.  Sadly, most cannot clearly answer basic questions such as, how is your business monetized and what is your exit strategy?   In fact, some are extremely offended by the basic questions that must be answered.  Simply because they haven't really thought about questions such as: Do you have an Executive Summary?

Borrowers, investors or business owners, please do not approach lenders and ask for funding because you think you have a good Idea, and you think you can make it work. That is simply not how it works. There is a process of things that you must put in place if you want to get funding to purchase Real estate, or for any other business purpose.  Just as there is a system in place to get your drivers license, your high school diploma, to rent or purchase a home and so on.  You must become acquainted with the system.  You must participate in the system and learn it. Then when you get a loan you will become a graduate. Certain questions must be answered - and things must be done in a systematic way.  Lenders don't believe a word you say, they believe what you can prove.  They evaluate your system, business plan, credit, and you.

In 2015 many people that came to me try to "pick" my brain to get bits and pieces of "how to" information because they did not understand the value in paying a business consultant to help save them time, money and frustration.  Professionals go to school and pay for training, and spend the time to educate themselves.  Those who do not want to take the time or to 'pay' to learn themselves, and  those who have different professions, must show respect for knowledge and  'pay someone else' for what they need to know. 

Starting today, 2016 my brain is no longer available for "picking."

If you want business funding and you don't have a clue, I will assist you and help you.  I charge a fee for my services.

There are do it yourself options; earn while you learn options, webinar quick start options, group in house live seminar for you organization or clients, and  the we do it for you options.

You can text me at 404-939-1322 with your email address and let me know which service you want, and where you are located if you need help.

My goal for 2016 is to help 100 businesses to get ready, graduate to a new level and get funding.  If you think you have a good Idea and you want help to get organized, structured and set up properly, then please send me an email.  And Please, no brain picking.

Monthly fee option is also available

Click here to visit my website

Thank you!

Brandi Callum,Real Estate Broker

Business Finance & Funding Consultant

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