Hello Lenders and those who say they are but are not....

We are looking for funding to purchase distress assets and the lenders we are looking for MUST fund before there fees are paid for the first transaction only after the first transaction then we do not have a problem with paying your processing fees upfront we are just flat out not going to pay them for the first transaction with your company because we have been ripped off to many times by lenders this way.

I want to be clear here I'm not telling you I will not pay the fee it's just the first transaction together needs to be done our way so we know your not out ripping people off and if you can't do the first transaction that way I do understand your point as well because I have heard all your stories as well. I"M NOT HERE TO RIP YOU OFF JUST BUSINESS ONLY.

You can email me direct at empcommercial@gmail.com I can email you back and after our first transaction together you will get my phone number as well I have to many fake calls already.

Thanks Again  Please make sure your read and understand this message don't want to waste your time or mine


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