I have an investment opportunity in South Central Texas that presents a reasonable possibility of acquiring real property worth more than $1,000,000 for less than 10% of its value and a high probability of acquiring the property at less than 25% of value. A unique set of unlikely circumstances occurring simultaneously has created this situation. If you are a qualified lender or investor and you are interested in the details please send to Investor@SanAnTX.com an email providing a brief statement of your qualifications/experience as a lender or investor, sent from an email address to which I can reply with a non-disclosure, non-circumvention agreement for your execution. Please do not reply unless you, or a group of which you are a member, can provide a minimum of $40,000 within 10 days. Availability of $300,000 preferred. Private money preferred.

I am a licensed Texas real estate broker, license no. 578514. Verify at trec.texas.gov.

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