Legally Eliminate Credit Card Debt. Get a Fresh Start. Call me today!

Legally Eliminate Credit Card Debt. Get a Fresh Start. Call me today!

  • Keep your good credit. After the program credit will rise
  • Represented by a legal team
  • Credit Card Debt too high??
  • Get Out Of Debt Without Bankruptcy
  • Get Relief From Credit Card Debt
  • Are you drowning in credit card debt?
  • Can’t make you monthly payments?
  • No out of pocket expense
  • See How Quickly You Can Be Debt Free
  • Payments suspended during program

If You’re looking for a better way to resolve your Credit Card Debt Problems without ‘Bankruptcy’, you’ve come to the Right Place.


Since 2010 our national legal team has represented Clients nationwide  in ‘eliminating credit card debt’.  We are compassionate and reputable credit card elimination companies. Our attorneys are made up of energetic, smart who are passionate about helping thousands of Americans with credit card debt relief. Most importantly we’re all about helping our Clients through a tough financial time in their lives with education and individual customer service.

Our legal experts are dedicated to helping individuals and families rid their lives of burdensome credit card debt. We specialize in ‘credit card debt elimination’ for thousands of creditor accounts. Our legal experts provide Clients with both our expertise and our proven results since 2010. This means, helping Clients in their time of hardship to get out of credit card debt with the least possible cost.


Our core services offer ‘credit card debt elimination’ as an alternative to bankruptcy. Our legal experts become your number one advocate group to help you re-establish financial stability as quickly as possible.


This is a ‘turn key ‘ legal approach. Our legal team  does  all of the work  with a lot of empathy, expert advice and services.  You're not doomed to struggle with debt forever, and you have options to help you move forward - even if your situation feels overwhelming or impossible right now. You don't need to keep shoveling sand against the tide, and you don't need to do this alone.


If you are drowning in credit card bills, we want you to know that help is available, and that we would love to have opportunity to help you.  We may be able to help. Our case managers can analyze your situation and help you make a ‘credit card debt elimination’   plan that works for you, and your hardship.


If you want to know more about your ‘credit card debt elimination’  options right now, please pick up the phone and call  my number below.  I will be happy to  answer all your questions, and happy to explain more about how the ‘credit card debt elimination’   program works and what you can expect.  We're here to help.


Get a ‘FREE’  credit card debt elimination quote! See how much you can save today. BBB A+ Rated.


My contact info is as follows:


Senior Debt Advisor

DIRECT: 818-712-0092  (USA-PST)    FAX: 818-337-0404




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