Just good old plain Jane hard money loans - all 50 states

Fast hard money / private money loans.

All commercial property types and loan scenarios.

50 states plus U.S. territories.

We have a great stable of lenders we've built since 1988.

All we ask is that you have a viable loan request. PLEASE I beg of you no crazy loan requests. I'm old. I'm busy. If you're a Chinese national CRE investor living in Canada wanting to buy a household name NNN property in Florida / USA , I can help you. If you just woke up this morning after watching a 3AM commercial about buying all of Manhattan with no money down, call anyone on the "interweb" but me. Please. 

We in reality can entertain loan requests from $500k to whatever - as long as YOU can realistically put up a real down payment. 

If you need something else aside from a hard money loan we also have lenders for most other commercial real estate loan scenarios.

Acquisition , Refinance, Bridge, Construction, Land, !st leasehold mortgages with 2nd party ground lease, leasehold advisory, LP and PE Equity, Co GP.

NNN / STNL acquisition , refi, 

SBA 7a and 504 / CDC - bank and non bank - FAST closing BOLT programs.

Municipal - sewers, schools, etc. Yes I have SEC licensed advisors for this but a great many of them charge $$$ and want exclusives. I have a dozen who do the same and do not charge $$$ but also want exclusives and all fees are success based.

Advice - simple advice as to whether your request is viable. So you don't waste my time, your time or the time of many lenders and investors. If you have a scenario that's close to viable I can help you with advice as to structuring the capital stack. If I can't answer your question in 5 minutes because you won't listen - I charge a $10,000 deposit, deductible from your commission to us at close, to stay on a call for you after 15 minutes. 

But I ask - only that it be within the realm of reality.

Oh - I have lenders for industrial grade solar, wind etc - but please no collateral that's a pile of pellets. We aren't hamsters.

Our sweet spot - $1mm to $10mm CRE loans - all property types. We can facilitate much much larger loans but it needs to be real. Please. 

The bottom line is that I'm old, I've built a real stable of actual no bullshit ( aka male bovine excretion)  CRE lenders and if you have a viable loan request contact me.  You be real. We'll do the same. 

Mike Lewis

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