Sometimes in life we have to take a step back or two and look at exactly what it is we are doing and how we are doing it in all facets of our lives. Think about this, what accomplishments have you made and who helped you make them? Hmmm, we did not all get where we are alone.

I know many have heard this before but I like to think that some may have not and so I share. As a Mother, Wife, Daughter, Sister, Aunt, Grand-daughter and Neice (yes, I had to put them all in there) I play many roles just like in Real Estate Investing. It seems that "Role Playing" is a major factor generally in life and when you look at your life and examine it, the roles you play are key factors. 

As a Mother I raised two wonderful sons, as a Wife I nurtured unconditional love to my hubby, as a Daughter I took care of my dying father and gave my Mother support, as a Sister I became an advisor and friend, as a Grand-daughter I listen to the stories being told that I would never experience myself in this lifetime, as a Neice, I became a daughter to an Aunt who borned no children, as an Aunt I do my best to remind my neices and nephews about their futures and how important it is to get off their butts and do something. Fianlly, as a REI (Realtor) these roles become vital because they all are a part of who I am and your titles are a part of who you are, they all play different roles and have different meanings.

So let's take a step back, can you see yourself? What role are you playing now and how are you playing it? When you decided to take on Real Estate Investing what was it all about? What was your "WHY?" Have you put deep thought into it? 

For me, for as long as I can remember I was a salesperson, entrepreneur who loved to talk and meet people. I grew up in White Plains, New York, so diversity was real for me and I loved it because it gave me such an inspiration and a prideful attitude that I was in WORLD of many who did not look like me, who spoke another language, yet we had a common demoninator, entrepreneurship! 

No matter where I would go in New York, I saw what I loved, hard working people, entrepreneurs selling a product that others wanted and making money. Some sold for themselves and some for others, however they did what they did, it still was a fact that they were doing it!  Now,why is that such an inspiration to me? Well, it clearly gave me a gratification that I shared alone in all of roles.Remember my roles? Well,with all the titles that I hold, none are supporters of my REI business, yet I remain.

When we do what we do in REI, some may not share your vision as you visualized it and as you hoped they would. With all the roles you play in your life, it can't be all be about the money. Can it? Nah, I would think that it's much bigger than that. For me it's about building an Empire, not brick and mortar but an Empire of the minds and hearts.

REI, for me is much more than the $ix-Figures. It's about helping my 78 yr old neighbor who desperately wants to sell her home of 49 yrs, and move on, its about buying homes before they reach foreclosure and helping a family rebuild, its about networking with like minded persons and growing together, it's a security and yes even the money is a factor because we have to eat, but it's so much more than that to me. 

I want to see the smiles on faces when a home is sold and a family can move on with their lives and dignity intact. I want to give this same opportunity that I have to someone else by giving knowledge for FREE. I want to leave a legacy of success for others to follow and they willl keep my role as REI and not get encompass with GREED but to pay it forward.

When I have reached my end of the rainbow and I will know it was not all about the $$$$$$ but about the roles I played in each part of my life and I too will know that I did it because I knew "It Can't All Be About The $$$$$$$!"

Make 2014 a prosperous year for yourself but for others, play your roles as you've done but when you need to take a step back, try two steps back and that will help the path you are building to flow easier for someone else who may be following you. Money is great and we all need it but then again LIFE, can't all be about the MONEY!

To all my Fellow Real Estate Financers, don't make it all about the $, give an opportunity to a new REI, and together whatever your role is they shall follow and appreciate you, simply because. 

Margaret Tate

Diamond Investor 2, LLC.

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Comment by Jerry Minney on December 31, 2013 at 1:00pm

Your are a kingdom builder. We all are, we just have to decide which Kingdom we are going to build.

Happy New Year!

Comment by Tim Deel on December 30, 2013 at 4:44pm

That was very well said and I appreciate the message Margaret. You have a wonderful 2014 as well and thanks for that personal bit of information.

Tim Deel

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