Is investing in rental property a good option to use my money - better than stocks?

Josh Offert, author of "Investor First. Speculator Second.," gives great advice to those of us struggling to know where the scales should tip when it comes to investing in real estate or some where else. Below are his key points for making that decision. 

  • Real Estate is typically lucrative only with leverage. 
  • Our cash flow is lower than it would have been because we are now paying a mortgage. 
  • Use your capital for several down payments on small projects, or one down payment on a large project. Do not use the full cash amount for one small project. 

If you have a free second, check the ARTICLE out and read up on it. It makes investment sense to move only if you have leverage for such a purchase. Novice investors often make the mistake of neglecting to do their research and jumping into something with both feet when they should have tested the water first. As a result, they are often burned and stuck with an investment that sets them back financially. 

The Take-Home Message: More leverage brings a larger return on investment. That makes leverage safer than the stock market.

Have you had any spectacular RE deals that were better than stocks? 

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