Invest in Affordable Assisted Living for Low income Frail Elderly and the Disable

I'm President and acting CEO of an I.R.S. designated Tax exempt public supported charity called Hamilton Investment Properties Community Housing Organization. We manage special needs housing projects owned by our members.  We need capital partners for our developments.  Please check us out at

Stake holders who come aboard will fund the acquisition and renovation of buildings to be used as assisted living centers.  Our stake holders will owned the facilities under our management, and enjoy all net income less our management fee.

Due to the explosion in the population of baby boomers, the ownership of special needs housing such as proposed,  is a great investment.  Older renters, frail elderly and disable living alone, can't afford most retirement communities but,  will be able to afford our facilities operated on a sliding income scale.

Our business plan is available upon request at (225) 238-3923 or go to and leave a message on our Web Site Contact Page.  We will send you the name, location, and legal form of the business you will own, pre-development efforts and the developmental cost we are asking our stake holders to share.

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Comment by Alex Hamilton Jr. on December 24, 2013 at 1:25pm

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