Huge Appetite for HUD Qualified Multi-Family Projects

If you have HUD qualified affordable rental projects, I can introduce a multi $B US based fund that recently "thrilled"my client with extremely low rates and a 40 year term, along with options for MEZ, Bridge and equity participation.  They would like to place $2B in HUD financing this year.

I have many well funded buyers for established companies with trailing profits of $1 million plus. The bigger, the better.
I will cooperate with qualified introducing brokers. My specialty is the confidential representation of mid market private businesses that are interested in selling all or a portion of their companies or bringing in strong financial partners.

RE Sales & Finance, M&A, Energy Industry E&P properties, etc.

Robert Weinberg, President

First Boca Associates, Inc.

(561) 482-1250

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Comment by Robert Weinberg on May 21, 2013 at 11:39am


Thanks for the response.

This is a Nationwide program.

Yes, there are programs other than HUD and for projects other than Multi-Family.

I do have other specialty lenders.

It is important to be dealing with experienced developers or buyers who will have some equity in the transaction..

We do success fee points at closing and do not want to process deals that will not make sense to the lenders

The lender minimum is $1 million but I would prefer to start at $10 million since the effort is usually the same regardless of size.  For practical purposes there is no upside limit. 

All the best,


Comment by John Occhi, DRE Lic No: 01444168 on May 21, 2013 at 10:52am

A couple of questions for you.  I appreciate the cooperation with introducing brokers.

Do you have limits as to where you will loan - or are all 50 states good?

Do you do other than HUD properties?


John Occhi,
CA DRE Lic No 01444168
Retaja Group

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