Healthy Living Apartment Communities Where People Want To Live

Winston Rowe & Associates, a national no advance fees commercial real estate financier has developed this news article to provide some advice to apartment community owners with some tenant retention methodologies.

Health is a very important aspect of life. It is also something that is hard to make a priority amidst our busy schedules. Creating programs in your community can help promote good health and encourage people to work together and help socialization build between tenants. Thereby creating a community where families want to live.

Here are four tips to create healthy community initiatives.

Have a community garden;
If there are spaces available outside or on the roof, make a garden where people can grow their own crops. You can either do a community garden or have individual plots which residents sign up for. Residents then have the ability to plant and eat their own crops, encouraging eating whole, fresh foods.

Host healthy cooking classes; Many people are not great chefs in the first place, but hosting classes where you can gather residents and teach them healthy techniques for preparing meals, they can become much better cooks. Providing these opportunities can make a place where residents can come together, learn, enjoy good, healthy food together, and hopefully apply the things learned in their own kitchens.

Start running teams; Provide an opportunity for people to gather together, and instead of making exercise a chore, it will make exercise a social party! People can get friends to go running together, they can keep each other in check, and enter into community races to run with one another.

Start weight loss competitions; Creating a community goal to lose weight can encourage more people to jump on and work on their health. Have people set goals, track progress, and provide awards.

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