a. Private Construction Loans for Texas real estate investors. Designed for builders needing reliable construction loans!

Need a hard money lender to take advantage of a new build opportunity in Texas? You come to the right place! We are direct hard money lenders that offer private construction loans, without the excessive underwriting most traditional banks make borrowers go through. We understand for builder’s time is money, and with new construction, things inevitably will come up. That’s why we offer our clients private construction loans with:

1.) Draw schedules that are flexible: Each builder has different needs, and we understand that.

2.) 100% financing hard money loans: Helping investors keep more money in their pocket.

3.) Interest only payments: For the entire life of the loan:

4.) Bad credit loans: Credit score is not a factor on approval, however construction experience is important.

5.) One loan originator: We will walk you through the process from the beginning to closing, we also service all our loans.

6.) Quick turnaround times: Once we have the appraisals and permits in hand, we can close shortly after that.

7.) Direct hard money lender: In house private real estate financing for all deals. That is how we are able to fund fast!

8.) Temp to Perm Construction Loan: For investors looking to build wealth and hold properties for passive income.


If you’re a serious investor looking to achieve your real estate goals of impacting the Texas real estate market. Give us a call to close your next temp to perm, fix and flip or hard money refinance deal! HARD MONEY LENDERS HOUSTON

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