Our source offer straight debt, joint venture, and combination programs to qualified projects, as detailed herein. Geographically, we consider straight debt funding in stable locations and JV funding in Central America, Caribbean, US and Canada primarily, with other locations on a case by case basis. Our sources DIRECT FUNDING Program Our source is the check writer, using there funds and lines of credit, or combining their funds with other correspondent programs, bonds issued via the bank, and or joint ventures with their private equity. They are not a platform, trader our source represent their own direct fund program our primary target projects are those that can meet the project funding guidelines below......... Funding is offered to developers with significant equity,“skin in the game”, the net worth to complete the project if funded at the requested level, and the experience to make it happen, on time and budget. The project must be shovel ready, fully verified in all aspects, and offering a product acceptable in this economy by their target market of buyers and location. Verification-Is the key for their funds, borrower, project equity, loan to value, projected income, loan to costs, permitting & approvals, exit and loan repayment via the documents you submit and their site inspection. Construction/Development-is Our sources focus, distributing the loan amount over an agreed to draw schedule with monthly disbursements. Equity Invested-They only accept projects with 10%-20% equity invested by the developers prior to the funding, for straight debt, and less means a JV funding only. The funding programs may go as high as 95-98% funding in a JV program, but do not exceed 80% for straight debt, requiring a 20% down payment. Smaller down payments equal joint venture only. Loan to Value-75% or less of the completed project value, at the completion of construction and income stabilization. They will fund 100% of the future costs after closing, but we do not accept submissions requesting 100%plus costs funding. Project Documentation-Professionally prepared in content and presentation, fully describing the project, under the funding guidelines offered, rate and term, etc, and in some cases, They will require third party verification and feasibility of the project.We carefully screen, analyze, and investigate each project to determine…. 1.Equity, invested prior to funding 2.Management 3.Liquidity, down payment 4.Permits & Approvals 5.The Right Plan and Documentation 6.Developer Experience 7.Inspection, Verifications, and Draw Schedule 8. Product Mix 9.Full location analysis & site visit 10. Proper structure for the location, Mortgage, Trust, SPV, etc The funding process will always begin with the borrower submitting the project on the intake submission form, which must be completed 100%. We do not initially want or need business plans, financial projections, etc as they will need to be changed to match the funding offered.The submission form is the first thing our source sees, so tell us the story. From that point, They begin detailed discussions of the project, answering your questions, detailing the funding proposed, procedures, costs if any, structure,and timing. When the project is approved, for one specific program, and all parties have indicated their acceptance, they will issue an approval, with one or more contingencies, for site visits, down payment, project verification, structuring a joint venture, debt, local entity if a Trust or SPV is involved,etc. Most of this will be accomplished via a site visit by  staff, which is paid by the borrower. We do not have other costs of any kind in the funding approval, and the loan approval will detail the agreed to down payment required, if any, bank to bank escrow, or other costs directly related to the funding and closing. We do not accept submissions from borrowers requiring 100% plus cost funding. The following guidelines are general in nature, and detailed step by step procedures are available at your request. SUBMISSION PROCESS The intake submission form is the first contact from borrower to bank, that will either get our attention,and open the door to discussion, or to be honest, get your file deleted. You may request them via email. It is crucial that you  complete the form 100%. We receive over 200 submissions monthly, and 99% are of no interest to investors, or others. Incomplete information, hand written, or referencing other documents instead of answering the questions in the form, puts your file into the 99% range of what we do not look at. With the completed form, we will reply quickly to any original submission meeting our guidelines herein, and begin discussing the project in detail. We do not want your business plan, financials, or other presentation materials at this point. That time will come soon enough, so please take the time to complete the form in full, tell us your story, as requested and forward to our offices via email. STRAIGHT DEBT VERSUS JOINT VENTURE DEBT PROGRAM Requires 30% Down Payment Requires 20% Liquid Net Worth Requires 10% Invested Equity Prior to Funding JOINT VENTURES Requires Down Payment of 2%-29% Requires Liquid Net Worth of 2%-10% Requires Equity Invested Prior to funding of 10% or more case by case.Rate, Term & Equity Positions is determined project by project, on loan to value, loan to costs, down payment, project type, funding amount and location. Our source funds construction developmentfrom USD $50 million and up via straight debt, joint venture and combination programs. Straight debt funding is available at 80% loan to costs of development in most stable locations globally. This program requires the developer to have 20% of the requested funding amount in new cash for down payment. Terms and rates are set project by project. This program is a direct funding from our source and they are the check writers. Joint Venture funding is available in the USA, Caribbean, Central America, and other locations on a project by project basis, from 90% to 98% loan to costs. The JV position will be determined on a project by project basis considering developer equity invested, loan to value, and loan to costs. We offer combination programs globally, but only to the best of the best, those projects that can clearly demonstrate an ability to deliver, complete and operate the project. Projects that cannot or will not supply a minimum cash to funding at 2% of the requested funding amount are not accepted on any program. Our source funds renewable energy via a direct debt or JV fund with their bank funds, or by issuing a corporate bond via a correspondent relationship with an international firm providing guaranteed funding on investment graded bonds. From USD $50 million and higher the program is 30% down for straight debt, and all other submissions with less down to 2%-29% down payment will be jv, but we add Europe, South America,& Canada to the list of JV locations. India, Africa, China and Asia are examined project by project. Bonds are used to fund larger projects from $75 million and up, and require 15%-20% invested prior to funding, an investment graded PPA of BBB or higher, and .5% to 1% liquidity. Strong projects with less liquidity are considered for a JV funding. Our source provides our firm with a 1% success fee agreement on projects to $70 million USD, and decreasing on a sliding scale for funding amounts exceeding $100 million USD. All fees are paid directly by our source to us, and there are no side agreements, outside of closing commissions, additional fees or compensation allowed of any form under any name. Violation of this policy will terminate the submission, and if post closing will be a loan default by borrower resulting in loss of the funding and or project.

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