GMA FACTOR wants to help you Invest in YOUR COMMUNITY


The city is changing. That area of town that you use to drive through on the way to wherever you were going had fallen apart, boards on the windows, trash in the streets. Then something happened, a shift occurred. People, much like you (rehab specialists, real estate agents, property investors, builders, entrepreneurs) saw beyond the dilapidation and imagined what could be. Properties that no one was interested in for years started being bought, remodeled and sold. Homes that had been abandoned and condemned were restored to their former beauty, and old schools and warehouses were refurbished into Multi-family residential apartments. Investors with a vision of what could be were ready to put some skin in the game, contact a lender and restore life to a community that was decaying.

This has happened in most major cities around the country, and it has not stopped!

GMA Factor knows that with the right property, and the vision of the industrious investor, we can help you fund the change you want to be a part of!

GMA Factor offers competitive rates, years of lending experience and fast closing so that you can get to work on your remodel, fix-and-flip or investment property as soon as possible.

Don’t wait for that neighborhood that has houses for sale for $20-$30,000 that can be turned and sold for $180K (or typically higher) pass you by, or empty parking lots that can become commercial outlets become someone else’s investment. Call GMA Factor today with your idea and we will get you funded!

We specialize Commercial and Residential Hard Money Private Lending. All decisions are made in house. Funding from $100,000 to $4MM very quickly. 65% LTV and ARV up to 12 months.

GMA Factor would love more information regarding potential deals. Please contact us at 1-888-958-5544 or 347-897-9174, or email Ezra, our Financial Specialist at 

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