GET SEED CAPITAL. Get IRA money for your USA projects.

Need down payment funds? 




  • Pay  IRA investors 10% to 12% per annum.
  • Roll the funds over for five years with possible extensions.


Investor Relations expert since 1990.  Get your real estate project funding qualified to accept IRA money within the same week.  I do all the investor relations paperwork to move the funds. I do all the follow up to assure the IRA money is transferred to your account to fund your real estate project.


  • Qualified Accredited investors.  **FTC compliant.**  I will arrange for the Company to purchase   “Pre Qualified” “Do Not Call Registry FTC Registry Compliant Accredited” pre scrubbed names and numbers.
  • All purchased leads are exclusive 180 days: Lead Company receives new investor names monthly Client receives exclusive on each pre qualified lead.
  • Lead Company will  guarantee 100% that the sales leads are clean and "un-hammered". Investors  are pre qualified for project interest and investment size.
  • **FTC compliant: All investor leads are FTC-compliant and have been scrubbed against the national FTC do-not-call list.        


IRA, 401K, 403-B specialist for alternative investment purposes; LLC, LLP, GP, SVP investments.

504 Reg D, 505 Reg D, 506 Reg D.


“Paid in Seed Capital” assistance for developers in conjunction with construction and development financing. Capital can be obtained through various channels including but not limited to equity share agreements from direct investments through a Limited Liability Company or Limited Partnerships, IRA investments and 1031 exchanges.


To Start:

•             Executive Summary

•             Business Plan

•             Use of Proceeds with staged funding

•             Proof of funds for down payment 1% to 10% equity cash reserve deposit


Access to public and private financing. Non-traditional money sources. Debt or equity financing strategies.


Specialties:   Non-traditional money sources. Debt or equity financing strategies, real estate financing for construction and development projects. Stock loans on public securities for real estate investments. 


Acting as a Financial Catalyst in the capital markets specializing in corporate finance and real estate experience. Specializing in commercial and hard money loans. REO Bulk sales and Performing and Non Performing Notes sales.  Hard Asset Monetization and Investment Banking Services through Non-Traditional Financing sources. Debt or equity financing strategies, real estate financing for construction


Let me know how I can assist you and your clients. Consulting advisory services with a retainer commitment and success  based percentage fee required.


My contact info is as follows:


Investment Banker-Mortgage Banker

DIRECT: 818-712-0092  (USA-PST)





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