Hi All

Looking for lender who will fund 100% of a fix and flip project for my Team.

Specifically looking for:

70-75 % LTV of the ARV of a project with 100% of acquisition funding

Rehab funding to be disbursed in 1/3 1/3/ 1/3 ratio

Criteria based solely on property not financials

Terms for 6 month loan interest only with points paid on the "back side of loan"

Know this sounds tough but this is how I did 10 flips in the past but my "Broker" has left the area.


Larry Foster

Note Management Co LLC

Email: 1note.management.co@gmail.com

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Comment by Kerry La Von Vaught on October 21, 2015 at 3:57pm

American Note Warehouse has Small Note Investors who love to buy's. The 3 F's will change the financial future of Fix & Flippers forever.

If you can sale a small partial of your 1st Performing Note and get the funding you'll need for your next fix & flip property without the use of a bank loan.
As a Fix and Flipper you can get in Partnership with ANW' Small Note Investors who loves Partial Payment Notes. Fix and Flippers who are in need of a way to finance the next project without using banks are can synergize with our Parcel Payment Note Buyers.

Not only can you finance your own projects without banks or hard money lenders, you can flip your property without all the hassles and do it quickly.
Get started today by listing your Partial Payment Note on ANW Note listing site at no cost.
Just fill out a simple one page Fix & Flippers Partial Payment Note from, and send it back to me. I'll list your note where our buyers can evaluate your parcel payment offer.
This is a service Watch this short video: 

Contac me for the form

Kerry La Von Vaught

Referral Partner,

American Note Warehouse

Analytical REI Software
Comment by CW Washington on October 21, 2015 at 2:51pm
You have a little skin in the game. 10% or 5-7k depending on the deal

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