You can get it with AMCKA Property Investments, LLC


Send your deal to my team and you'll see that customer service is what drives our success.

Plus, AMCKA Property Investments,  offers a wide range of loan options:

  • CORE Program – Alternative to Bank Quality, Soft Money, Hard Money
  • Loan Amounts: $20,000 to $70,000,000
  • Multifamily 5 units, Mobile Home Parks, Mixed Use, Office, Retail, Light Industrial, and Self-Storage,SFR
  • Min. Credit Score: Generally 650 (<650 case-by-case) – credit issues Ok
  • Terms: 5-30 Year Term Fixed
  • Broad spectrum of rates and terms to fit most borrowers: 
  • Detailed LOI to give you greater assurances of closing

Stephen Mitchell

AMCKA Property Investments, LLC

512 785-2914

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