Hello all,

I work with two lenders and they have different terms. One of them I can offer 100% financing except for closing.

1st) Purchase Price 90%*
Rehab 100%*
Purchase Closing Costs 0%
*Total Not to Exceed L.T.V. 65%

Rehab 100%*
Closing Costs 0%
*Total Not to Exceed L.T.V. 65%
If cash out exceeds 10% of loan
amount, max LTV is 50%
Verification of 10% down at
acquisition required.

720+ 5+ 2% 12%
680-719 3-4 3% 13%
620-679 1-2 4% 14%
619 &Under 0 5% 15%

Buy Down of Points and Interest
Additional Cash to Close Points Points
5% -1% -1%
10% -2% -2%
15% -3% -3%

If I do four more deals with this lender. I can provide 100% financing with 0 down if we partner the deal, and of course I will let you have the higher split for your hard work!!  This is my goal...We have $50 billion in REI $'s to lend and it sure would be nice to not have to come out of pocket at all!! We would have to be an LLC together to be eligible to partner deals.

I have a vision/mission that is close to my heart! I intend to obtain properties to create housing and provide folks free housing. It will do my heart well to be of service to anyone who will need assistance in regaining what has been lost besides housing. It is my hope that this housing will assist to restore hope/trust/community. In return they will have to donate time to private individuals or small businesses in their housing area who may need it, so that more people will benefit from my vision. No one has to be part of that unless, of course, you want to which I am open to and would be awesome. I just want everyone to know what my intentions are for the money that I will make from my deals. I would also accept any buildings anyone may be holding that they aren't using through donation if you want a tax write off as well...I hope to create a foundation very soon to support my vision and will also be starting a crowdfunding for this purpose within the next couple of months...so stay tuned, I will keep you all posted ;)                 Thanks for reading...Shay


Reach out if you are interested. I'd like to get this party started ;)


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