Funding Available Now! Get Funding Before Years End!

Hello from Plan B Funding Options LLC

Now is the time for you to lock in and obtain the funding you need while direct lenders and private investors are still flush with capital and are looking for new projects that are risk worthy to invest in, Before Years END!. 

We can help If you have already gone through the traditional ways of finding funding with banks and other financial institutions only to be turned down and your about to toss in the towel, remember those true entrepreneurs never give up because you know if it was easy then everybody would do it. And that is why smart and determined people always look for a “PLAN B” and that is where we come in!

*Please visit our website for details at


Call Us: 949-682-9235 (California Office)     

*If you need some money fast you can apply with these 3 funding partners of ours and you do not even need to be a client of Plan B Funding Options LLC to apply!

 Try this company with who we partner. You don't need to be our client to apply, It is fast and will not hurt your credit. Just click or copy-paste the link below then fill out the form to get a decision in Mins as to the amount of line of credit you are eligible for up to $250k, either business or personal.  

* For the United States only

Click or copy and paste this link to our funding partner Kabbage they offer a revolving line of credit up to $250k

After you click the link, Then follow the easy instructions and fill out the form and get the decision in a few Mins.


*Also, Try these other 2 different companies with who we partner. It is fast and will not hurt your credit. We just want you to obtain funding as fast as possible even if its a part of what you need. You can also have a friend or business partner co-apply with you to help boost your score if need be.

Click or copy and paste this link to our funding partner FundBox they offer a revolving line of credit up to $100k

After you click the link apply on the form that says(Apply for Fundbox Credit)


And then try to apply with this other company called FundWise.up to $300 thousand! Click the link below and you will be directed to a secure  page click the green bar that says (see if you qualify) The simple form is geared for business funding so if a question does not apply to your situation (just put any answer) until you get to the page for your contact information, just fill it out and submit and someone from our funding partner company will contact you normally within 1 business day and then you can explain exactly what type of funding you want and the amount that you want.

Good credit is a must, 650 or up, 680 and up is best! You are allowed to use a cosigner to apply with you if your credit does not qualify your business partner or family member or a friend etc. is fine.

Link :


**If you do not need funding at this time, perhaps you know someone who does. We Pay Referral Fees!!! See this link to the page on our website that explains what it means for you!.

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