My Story, I am a 45 yr old Single mom of four children. In the process of starting my own Real Estate Investment & Much more  company. My mom may she rest in peace owned and operated a New Jersey  and PA, Title Insurance Company. After I graduated college I started  working with mom, like any other employee I had to start from the bottom pushing paper, filing etc. After a short time I was promoted to Sales  the Sales Manager. During this time mom required me to get my Real  Estate License in NJ & PA. Which i did and went to work for Wiedel  Realtors, then to Coldwell Banker. Still continuing to work mom's corp.  accounts one of which was our biggest was Champion Mortgage. During my  time with Coldwell I also became agent of the month and year after a  very short two years with the company. I also worked with Cendent  Mortgage Company assisting in Loan Origination. Devastatingly mom passed in 2006 my heart and spirit was destroyed, as mentioned I am a single  mom of four and my kids were very young when she passed she adored them  and was honestly my mentor, best friend, confidant and a wonderful human being as well as a very intelligent business woman. I wanted to be her  some day. After my mourning period I went to work for a Nationwide Title SEARCHING company. It was a start up and within 6 months the owner  promoted me to his VP. I started with this company have 10% corporate  clients, after a short 4 years I helped him grow from 10% corp. clients  to 85%. When he hired me it was with the agreement every deal I brought  on I was to get a percentage (NEVER SAW A DIME) I was working anywhere  from 80 to 120hours a week as I would remote access from my home so I  could be home when my children where home to assist in homework, make  dinner and other mom duties. At the end the boss went away for two weeks and left me incharge of running every and all aspects of the company.  Upon his return I expressed the fact I was only making 14hourly with no  OT and no bonus for corp clients i brought in. I explained to him i  needed a raise was only asking for two more dollars. Even though I know  the work i was doing for him was worth so much more, he basically knew  he had me do to the single mom issue. He told me when i asked "If you  are not happy with the pay then i guess today is your last day" And that is what i did I walked. This was in June of 2012. Since then I started looking for another job but every where i  went I would get the same answer. "You are over qualified for this  position, you should really look into starting your own company" Depression set in and I did actually give up for sometime. Then in Sept. 2013 I  had a revelation that i was going to start my own Real Estate Investment & Title company. I hooked up with a company Nevada State Corp, they advised they could assist me in all aspects of opening this business.  Of course for a fee.... as explained before being a single mom and  struggling to put food on table for kids. I did what I thought would be  the right decision to get my company running and be able to provide for  my children. The only monetary thing I had owned besides my house was a  3karate Diamond ring that belonged to mom, the only thing i had left of  her. So without hesitation because had i thought about what i was doing  would truly break my heart but something inside said was the right thing at the time. I went into the City (Philadelphia) to a diamond dealer,  he offered me 2500. As desperate as I was I took the money and gave  mom's ring up.  The 2500 was the exact amount required from Nevada to  start the process. I had major medical issues in Nov thru April.. so  needed to put things with the bus. on hold.
April came and I was ready to role I even developed a product  that is going to go national. I just 1. need to get it copyright en 2. I also did research on sheriff sales and picked three that were going for sale today my profit margins were anywhere from 45% to 88% return on my money. I was very excited about all the things I started, my issue was  getting funding. So, persistant and driven as I am I called Nevada daily to see how we could get this up and running asap. They then referred me to a developer and assistant in finding funding for small business. He  is located in Cal. He has been a great mentor and assistant to me. The  only issue is they did not introduce him to me until the Friday prior to the sheriff sale which was the following Friday. I know was close to  impossible to get the funding i needed that quickly but i still had  hope. On this past Monday he advised was not going to happen by the date i needed the funds. But advised will continue to work on it as so i can potentially go to next sale.
With all this being said I was still persistent in getting the funding 65K that would be for the start up costs and the potential  purchase of a sheriff sale starting at 19K. I am a member of Linked In and did more research and stumbled across a website. Where I began researching the investors hard loans as well as straight  up cash. I contacted a few, most denied me due to the monetary amount i  was requesting they mostly invested 100's not a mere 65K. Then I thought my life was going to change finally when I came across Mr. Richard  Walter, whom advertised cash loans immediate. So I contacted him right  away. He heard what i was doing and agreed to invest the 65K. He also  advised i need to take out an insurance policy with a company called  Splash Insurance, I checked the company website and info out and agreed. Splash then emailed me on how it worked, re-payment schedule and cost  of insurance which was $1145. They also instructed me that once the wire of the money to their account was received i would then receive their  policy within an hour that needed to be signed and sent back. After I  scraped my last literally penny to get them this money i wired it from  my account which now is 0 to their account in NC Federal Credit Union.  Hours later after my constant calling and emails demanding this so  called policy, it was sent. WHAT A JOKE I could not believe my eyes. I  know you don't know me but I am a real true business woman and know what I am doing when it comes to business and running one as well as  contracts etc. They proceed to send me this so called contract which was a jpeg file that looked like they made it with a clip art it was a  joke. I then immediately contacted all parties and said "ARE YOU KIDDING ME" this is a joke you sent me a one page clip art form and in return  once signed you are really gonna send me 65K. I was totally devastated. I then instructed them to send my money back right away, explaining to  them 1`. that was the last of my money. 2. I just could not look my kids in the eye again and tell them mom's a failure. So Mr. Walter called me and then advised he will wire the money to my account but needed  another 700 for closing costs. I said are you seriously kidding me,  first off closing costs for WHAT this is a cash loan, not a purchase on a home. 2.  If you have 65K to lend me you should cover this supposed  700. as i have explained over and over again I HAVE NOTHING LEFT  FINANCIALLY..... after several emails from them as well as texts. I just told him return my money and never contact me again. This all happened  Wednesday and Thursday. Still not money has been returned, so i had no  choice but to contact Attorney Gen. In Washington Mr. Holder, The Dept  of Justice and FBI. After telling everyone my story the FBI did indeed  contact him, he had the nerve to send me a text saying "YOU CALLED FBI"  on me.. I did not respond except to say I NEED MY MONEY BACK. At this  point no money back and no more communication from this lam investor.
I am so tired of being a victim and having my children see me  as a failure. That has to be the worst part. Due to the fact they are  the only family i have left both parents have past and brother and i are very distant. I need to prove to myself and my children I can and will  succeed. I know what I do and can provide to the consumer and Real  Estate Industry Is something that no one can provide or has come up  with. If there is anyway you could just give me advise or any any  assistance in reaching my goals and not having my kids think yet again i am a failure would be so greatly appreciated.
Thank you so much for you time and reading this letter. I truly hope it gets to you...

By the way beware of the lender on this site RICHARD WALTER he is a total scam artist,,,,,,,,

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Comment by Patrick Greenshield on May 31, 2014 at 4:38am

Dear Kristine, I don't know why I read your story.  I was already angry about a number of scams that tried to pull me in.  Now I am even more angry. 

I have been in business for more than 35 years.  I can tell you I don't trust anyone; especially in the financial world.  I read a book by Robert Ringer called, "Winning Through Intimidation".  Ringer says there are three kinds of people in business and one exception.  The first is the one who says he will try to take everything you have and means it.  The second says he will not try to take what's yours but he is lying.  The third type says he will not try to take what's yours and he means it but in the end he tries to take your assets and money anyway...The exception is when both parties mutually benefit from your dealings.

Another point.  YOU ARE NOT A FAILURE!!!  In fact you are closer to success because of your failures.  In business as in life we should not be results oriented.  We must be process oriented.  That means that we focus on doing all that we can do and find ourselves as being successful if we are able to do the right things.  For example a person may say they want to lose 30 pounds in weight.  But the real objective is to be healthy and fit.  The loss of the weight is automatic when you do the right things.

I love helping people in business.  I have a lot of experience and enjoy sharing what I have learned.  But I also need help with my own challenges.  So let me put my challenges out here: I have a very successful and well known construction company in Europe.  They own 331,000,000 Euros in multifamily residential property free and clear.  They want to borrow 135,000,000 Euros to renovate the properties.  This client is very uncooperative and they will pay no upfront fees what so ever.  They refuse to submit a business plan.  This client is so big and well known they feel they should not have to do the usual things.

I know this client is real because I have checked them out.  They are well known.  After working with them for a few months I basically gave up.  Who an help me deal with this kind of client?  If I am successful in funding this work we would have projects on going for a very long time including tunnels, railways and so forth all around the world.

For all my work and prayers I have not been able to move this client to the negotiating table.  Still I have presented a very professional  image and did not ask this client for a penny for my time.  I think when you are relying on others to assist you you have to demand that they perform.  You have to clearly know the risk and costs involved going in.  If you decide to proceed the service provider must be held accountable.

As the economy continues to unravel people are apt to become more desperate.  Desperate people do desperate things.  You must protect yourself at all times.  And by the way, just because a company is a big bank or well known don't think for a second that they won't try to cheat.

I know I did not give you any concrete advice.  But hopefully I started the wheels turning.  I am sure you are not going to give up and you will find your success.  Here is my email address.  Please stay in contact with me:

Best wishes. your friend, Pat

Comment by Terri Lewis on May 15, 2014 at 5:58am

I can only help with some suggestions on directions. please email me at :)

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