We offer all kind of loan, see below for our terms and conditions

Terms and conditions
Rental Portfolio Loans (5+ units; $500k to $100M, 4.25-5.75%)
Eligible property types: SFRs, 2-4 units, condos/townhomes, Small Multi-Family (>20 Units will be an exception)
Up to 75% LTV
5, 7, or 10 year balloon, 30 year amortization
Prepay: Yield Maintenance or declining or hybrid version
1 point origination fee
Scattered site, multi-state
Non-recourse & Recourse
Minimum Values
SFRs: 50K Per Door
Multi Units: 40K Per Unit
Market Criteria – Will expand as time progresses
Top 100 MSAs
Covid Debt Service Reserve – Across the market
3 Months for >20 Units
6 Months for <20 Units
Lines of Credit
Max LTC 80%
Max ARLTV 65%
Rates 7.5-9.5%
Advance fees 1.5%-2%
Minimum draw 100K, can be over multiple assets
focused on experienced borrowers with more than three assets, smaller lines of credit will be priced higher and potentially include a origination fee based on the line size.
660 FICO
20% Liquidity < $3mm Loan Size
20% Net Worth > $3 mm Loan Size
More than 3 investment properties previously owned
Multifamily Light Reno
Max LTC 75%
Max ARLTV 65%
Rates 8.5-9.5%
Advance fees 1.5%
Properties have to be semi-occupied during the term of the loan
Build to Rent
SFR/Townhome construction product, begins with a construction loan and is taken to permanent financing.
Max LTC 75%
Max ARLTV 65%
Rates 8.0%+
Advance fees 1.5-2.00%
Deals we will be staying away from on a go-forward basis until further notice:
ground up construction one-off SFR / Multifamily
Heavy lift multifamily. I.e. completely vacant multis are a pass right now
one-off single asset fix and flip deal

Documents required:
1. Valid ID card
2. Utility bill
3. Most recent bank statement of account
4. Company registration documents
5. EIN
6. SSN

Contact me if you’re interested
Email: ipininvestorllc0707@gmail.com

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