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This post is directed from Bridge Private Lending Llc. We offer loans to both individuals and firms at low and affordable interest rate of 5% Processed within 3 business days to enhance your investments and different financial needs.

There is a repayment duration period of 3 months to 30 years, dealing with over 70 countries in the world.We give out loans within the range of (5,000 to 200,000,000) USD• No collateral, financials, or bank statement required • Approved within maximum 72 hours.

Great rates & affordable terms. Fast Funding's. Approved within 24 hours and you decide how to spend your loan money. there are also mortgage loans, cross bridge loans, Non-Recourse loans for all valued clients.

We provide sufficient financing to develop entrepreneur ideas globally for eradication of poverty and prosperity in your business to establish a solid business relationship with our lending group. Below is our direct email address feel free to email us for more information about our service

Email: bridgeprivatelendingllc@gmail.com


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Comment by Tad B. on June 3, 2018 at 8:53am
Hi I’m looking for financing for my clients I have a production company brevillemediagroup.com we get a number of clients each month looking to film their reality pilots with us however the cost to them can range from $5,000 to $10,000 depending on he scope of project. I’m looking to partner with a reliable funding source who can fund their projects.

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