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The Fannie Mae DUS Multifamily Loan program is one of the single largest sources of capital to the multifamily housing market.

Freddie Mac started as a nickname for the Federal Home Loan Mortgage Corporation (FHLMC), but in 1997 they gave up their acronym and became simply "Freddie Mac." The government-sponsored enterprise (GSE) was chartered in the 1970s to help lenders access funds for multifamily loans, encouraging more people to develop rental housing to meet the needs of lower- and middle-income Americans.

It has since become a premier provider of loans for companies or individuals who want to get the best loan terms, close quickly, and find very attractive interest rates.

The Fannie Mae Multifamily lending platform provides financing for the acquisition or refinancing of multifamily properties, including, 5+ unit apartment buildings and condominiums, Seniors Housing, Student Housing, Cooperatives, Affordable Housing and Manufactured Housing.

The DUS (Delegated Underwriting and Servicing) program is a unique private capital model providing effective, reliable financing solutions.

The DUS program relies on shared risk with private lenders providing certainty and speed of execution and competitive pricing. In short, Fannie Mae delegates its lending partners to underwrite, approve and service loans while setting the program underwriting guidelines and agreeing to purchase the mortgage at a future date. Under the DUS lending platform, Fannie Mae is neither your lender nor servicer.

Originating Freddie & Fannie Multifamily Loans

Not all lending institutions are able to work with Freddie Mac and Fannie Mae, so if you are interested in the programs that they offer, it's important that you find a lender who is a correspondent for these agencies.

It takes a lot of work for a financial institution to build the necessary trust with these agencies to be able to originate loans using their programs.

With a core focus on flexibility, Winston Rowe & Associates really wants to be able to find a way to help everyone who comes to them find a funding solution that meets their needs.

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