Family office that wants to make commercial real estate loans

We're working with a family office that wants to make commercial real estate loans in amounts ranging from $300,000 to $5,000,000 or so.

USA - Most commercial property types

10-12% rate +/-   

0 to 2 points lender origination - Yes , he's done loans with 0 points origination!

1 to 2 points broker 

12 months average term for most commercial property loans

50% to 65% LTV +/-   Up to 100% LTV for pre leased NNN developments with credit rated tenants - ground up or acquisition and TI costs.

FAST close - 1 man makes the decision

Commercial real estate bridge loans 

NO UP FRONT FEES! ABSOLUTELY ZERO! Not even a good faith deposit.

He tells you what he needs as far as title, insurance, etc and you get it done. 

We can co-broker with other loan facilitators on an equal 50/50 split.  440-637-5646

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