Equity Financing Means the Borrower has to Write a Check!


We receive many inquiries everyday from borrowers who have been watching too many Dave Del Dotto infomercials.  Individuals in real estate similar to this have made small and large fortunes selling these "No Money Down" stories to hopeful newcomers.

Beyond providing 100% Rehab funding for Fix & Flip scenarios, unless our lender has agreed to fund solely on the value of the asset acquisition, our lenders most often expect to see that our borrowers have "skin in the game".  

We have access to business loan resources to help borrowers who do not have any down payment funds available.  However, this typically means the borrower needs to first work on obtaining their down payment funds and then proceed to identify deals wherein they can put those funds to work in collaboration with a solid lender.

We work with our borrowers on a long-term business relationship basis, we are not transactional, we will not treat you like a number, and we do not charge any upfront fees.

We return all legitimate phone calls and legitimate web inquiries within two hours during normal business hours.

We do not ‘shop’ loans/investments and we do not get paid unless you receive funding from our investor/lender. 

Our business model is relational, not transactional, because we want to be your one-stop commercial funding partner for a lifetime, not just today.

 Commercial Fix and Flip - Commercial Mezzanine - Commercial New Construction

Complex Commercial International Projects

Bankruptcy OK

Low Doc/No Doc OK

Minimum Loan Amount: $3millionUSD

Contact us TODAY: 877-GET-UR-LOAN (877-438-8756)

(Monday through Friday, 8am-8pm ET)

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