FUND MORTGAGE CAPITAL, INC., as Private Money Lenders we deliver on our promises and look at all hard money scenarios. We provide innovative lending solutions, rescuing people from financial problems, structured and transparent product offerings, exceptional service, and a direct lending platform. We have programs available for almost any scenario - COMMERCIAL or RESIDENTIAL hard money loans. Never Any Up-front Lender Fees, Repayment period from 6 months to 5 years.   All funding, credit and operational decisions and processes are performed in-house.

As Direct Private Money Lenders we provide you with the funds you need to quickly close, whether it is for commercial or residential real estate loans.  If you are tired of hearing "No" from the banks, a private money loan may fit your present needs or investment strategy perfectly.

FUND MORTGAGE CAPITAL, INC is a private money loan lending specialist. When you deal directly with a Private Money Lender you benefit from the availability and timing of funds to suit all investment and loan strategies. Contact us now for Private Money Loans and get REAL ACTION - FAST!

We give quick assistance and creative financing for all your real estate needs. We are Private Money Loan experts. As private hard money personal lenders with fast access to the capital needed from private investors, we can help you.

Unlike traditional lending, which is largely defined by credit scores and the borrower's ability to repay, hard money loans are based almost entirely on the value of the underlying asset and the project strength,  

 Call me with your next loan scenario to see what we can do for you.  My name is Kathleen Glinski and I can be reached at 888 910 5752.  I am in the investor relations department.  My email address is  Our website is .  Call me if you have a need for a Direct Private Money Lender.

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