Equipment & Collateral Based Loans, USA, CANADA & MEXICO

Equipment & Collateral Based Loans, USA, CANADA & MEXICO


Collateral Only Loans, USA, CANADA & MEXICO

Collateral only financing available




USED Equipment:  up to 75% of forced liquidation value

NEW Equipment: up to 100% of cost

Finance strictly on collateral and not credit.  Great for companies that do not have the strongest financials or may have lost money in the last three years.

Submission Process

  • Signed Application
  • Collateral List

3...Appraisal and Nothing Else!

Funding From $300K-$55 million.  No Minimum Credit Score & No Min. Time in Business

Construction & Demolition Equipment, Yellow Iron Equipment

Mining equipment, Heavy duty equipment

Road paving equipment and many more etc

 Collateral Loans with No Credit Check.

Borrow from1m and up. No credit check or financials needed. Borrow money fast by using the value of your asset to create the loan. We do not look at your credit score or your income.

  • Automobiles (Luxury and Classic)
  • Boats
  • Luxury Watches
  • Motorcycles
  • Jewelry
  • RV’s
  • Gold
  • Aircraft
  • Diamonds
  • Trucks
  • Art
  • Heavy Machinery
  • All items considered
  • I can be reach by email: or directly at 770-595-5560.

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