Capital available for Ernest Money Deposits with the following parameters:

* $2,500 (minimum)-$50,000 (maximum)

* Quick funding decisions

* Not a loan; no points, no interest, no monthly payments; no up-front fees or costs

* Maximum time for use of our funds is 30 days. More time can be made available, on a case by case basis.

* Cash-on-cash markups are as follows for standard 1% of purchase cost EMDs, i.e. $500,000 purchase contract x 1% = $5000. Above 1%, markups are higher.

Under $5000, 100% Example: $ 4000 EMD pays back $ 8000

$5000-$25000, 50% Example: $20000 EMD pays back $30000
$25,000+, 35% Example: $45000 EMD pays back $60750

Please note these are absolute, not annualized, percentages.

* Available in all 50 states to rehabbers, developers, builders, mobile-home-park & RV-park buyers, commercial & industrial investors, wholesalers, etc.

* There are no hidden costs or up-front fees. We are compensated at the close of escrow. We get paid when you get paid. Even if the escrow falls through and the transaction is canceled, there is no penalty to you. Hopefully we make money on future deals together, and that makes up for previous efforts that fell short.

* Why EMD Funding?

- Don’t tie up your precious capital, use ours

- Allows you to leverage yourself into more deals

- EMD funding can mean the difference between a deal happening or not

- It can be critical when it comes to putting a property under contract

- No downsides, or costs, to you for escrows that fall through

FYI: We do NOT normally provide EMD funds for REO, HUD, Short or raw land sales.

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Comment by John Jennings on September 11, 2018 at 6:06am

Is this funding still available. I would like more info on the terms. Thank you.

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