Stanford Estate Capital is a REIT's (real estate investment trust). We fund and lend to all US businesses that does not own the real estate in all 50 states at a rate of 5%, 3 months to 5-year term, we also fund real estate investors that holds their flips, we call our program for real estate investors “Down Payment Assistance” which funds as a business loan on non-owner occupy investment properties. Our loans are for, businesses, real estate investors, real estate agents and brokers, contractors, developers, mortgage brokers, title companies, attorneys, property management companies, S-Corp, LLC, as well as individuals. We never charge upfront fees and are a broker protected lending company.


Our services are designed for investors to have seamless process to purchase, flip, rehab, and hold. Purchasing and maintaining real estate is a huge undertaking, and it not for everyone. Attending real estate meeting are very educational, but to attain more personal knowledge about the real estate investment industry is to get in touch with a real estate agent, a contractor and a real estate attorney, with their involvement is great a head up for individuals who are new to the real estate investment market.



Business Loan Lending Criteria


  • 100% Funding
  • All businesses are accepted
  • Rate: 5% of monthly ACH repayment
  • Term: 3 months to 5 years
  • Credit card processing is Not required
  • Loan Size 10,000 to 2M
  • No Upfront fees
  • Funded same day funding is very possible, at most we fund in 48 hours
  • Brokers Always Protected


Required Documents


  1. Six months of business bank statements
  2. P&L (2016 and year to date 2017)
  3. Balance Sheet
  4. Last two years’ business taxes and one year personal taxes
  5. Credit score minimum 640



Have a Powerful Day

George R. Mallory, VP of Finance

Direct:  917-653-5215

Fax:      917-210-2968



27 North Wacker Drive Suite 1021 Chicago IL 60606

Conference Line: 712-432-0360 Code: 1078921#     Business%20Loan%20Application%20.pdf

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