Do you have a LARGE deal that needs funding?

Have you been looking for funding for your VERY LARGE transaction?  Have you been "hood winked" and "lied to" by brokers who pretended to be lenders?  Did you do a lot of work only to find out that your deal wasn't going to get funded?

Well, look no further!!!  We offer 100% financing for "real estate and non-real estate" transactions in all 50 states and anywhere internationally (except honduras).  This type of funding is called "144A Bond Funding".  

What we offer is:

  • 100% LTV
  • No personal guarantee
  • No credit checks
  • No asset verification
  • No loss of equity in your business
  • Quick turn around time – often 90-120 days
  • Low underwriting fee
  • Flexible repayment terms

Eligible Projects: Many types

  • Stabilized real estate
  • Construction
  • Rehab
  • Agriculture
  • Mines
  • Oil & gas
  • Energy
  • Non-RE such as technology, pharmaceutical, major business acquisition/expansion




Territory:                               Worldwide

Amount:                                $10M-500M +   (NO CAP)

Underwriting Fee:               Case by Case basis

Some recent examples:

*** $500,000,000 bond deal and the fee was $240K

*** $250,000,000 bond deal and the fee was $150K

*** $20,000,000 bond deal and the fee was $45,000                           *** $17,000,000 bond deal and the fee was $45,000

*** The client must be able to show double the amount in a bank account compared to what the underwriting fee is.                             


Terms:    Up to 30 years amortized with balloon payment (negotiable)

Third Party Reports:  Client is responsible, at client expense, for any and all  reports, appraisals and any other type of third party compilation about the project.


  • Send preliminary package, Bond questionnaire and POF for fee amount
  • Multiple conference calls
  • Bond company analysis and pre-underwrite
  • No cost to pre-underwrite your file or for conference calls

If bond company issues a positive opinion in 2-3 weeks

  • Bond company engaged and bond underwriting fee paid
  • Bond created
  • Funding

A few more benefits to this program:  first, you get ALL of your money upfront.  That is correct.  All of it!  2nd, the client has input into the terms.  Unlike your local bank that says: "Here is your term sheet, take it or leave it".  The bond company will ask for your input into your terms.  

We are more than happy to give our clients referrals (people who have closed with the bond company) to speak with AFTER they submit a deal and go through the process.  

Brokers are welcome.  NO BROKER CHAINS!!! Either I deal directly with the client or I deal with the broker who deals directly with the client.

For more information, please email me at:  

Thank you!

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