Digital Business Seeking Investors, Sponsors or Creditors

Good morning everyone, I recently purchased an online TV network last month that I'm looking to build into the next netflix.

Right now we film, produce, and host reality tv show ideas of average people looking to sell their concept to a major network which we help them do.

However, our services are pretty costly $5,000 per episode... and to help them pay for our services we offer ad space on the pilot episode.

So the show’s creator must go out and seek sponsorship from anyone who will advertise on their show to help cover the cost of production.

As you can imagine this isn't always an easy task...

However, I’d like to establish a relationship with potential sponsors, investors or a legitimate lending/credit source who essentially issues our client's credit they could utilize towards their project which of course they would have to pay back.

Our advertisements pulled in over 300 leads last month all people who could use access to a source of investors, sponsors or credit lenders.

In addition to the interest you'll receive from customer's paying back what they've been lent, I’d be willing to establish a % of revenue paid back to the investor, sponsors or creditor for issuing the credit to our clients... say $1,000 back to the sponsor, investor or creditor on every deal.

I currently have a pipeline of about 25 people who all need sponsorship so a $1,000 kickback towards a creditor would mean $25,000 back to you. 

Right now we only close between 15-25% of the Leads we generate because of the clients inability to obtain sponsorship money. So you can see there’s a lot of money to be made.

This business has allowed me to identify a unique need in the market that could be the next wave of financial lending services "Sponsorship Lending". 

If you are a legit sponsor, investor or creditor lets talk and let's make some serious money in 2018 

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