Announcing our First and BEST deal for 2013


Ailanto Mountain Reserve in Fortuna de Bagaces, Guanacaste, Costa Rica extends the following JOINT VENTURE to one SMART investor who knows how to make money without major risk. is our website and please visit it to see what is that we are all about, a quick synopsis is that we are developing an Eco City, self-sustainable, green and very natural place in the midst of Costa Rica’s Cradle of Ecology.

We count with thermal waters, hiking trails, lake and everything that is beautiful about Costa Rica and for that reason TOURISM is the 3rd  source of income around here, the first one is ALTERNATIVE ENERGY (Thermal, Wind, Solar and Hydro) the 2nd one is Cattle Ranches for meat and milk.


It is without a doubt one of the best and most beautiful regions of the small but Bio-diverse country. We are located 30 miles from the North Pacific Beaches; we are a MOUNTAIN ECO COUNTRY CLUB


The deal is as good as it gets.


  1. You contribute $30,000 to complete 8 Condos that will be sold to people that wish to keep a second home here or to rent them to the Tourists
  2. As we finish these 8 Condos, we begin the sales process
  3. Upon the sale of each Condo you receive 1/8th of your investment back plus a 50% Gain for a total of $5,625 for a Grand Total of $45,000
  4. You get you money back first GUARANTEED
  5. To protect your interests we give you a piece of land as a guarantee and if we can sell that piece of land we will pay you off.

We only need ONE JV Partner CONTACT 506 83537386 SKYPE drinlawaz

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