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COMMERCIAL Purchase, Refi, Cash Out Refi: $100k - $4mil. Up to 70% LTV + 100% REHAB (Not greater than 65% ARV) Cash Out Refi – not greater than 60% LTV. 9-13%, Interest Only, No pre-pay penalty. Up to 12 months/6 month extension. 10-15 days to close. 2-4 points. Nationwide USA. (On some deals can go higher than $4 mil)

RESIDENTIAL Purchase, Refi, FIX-n-FLIPS! 1-4 units, Up to 80% on Purchase, 100% REHAB (not to exceed 65% ARV), 30 day loans to 12 months, Min $100k, 10-14%, Interest only, No pre pay penalty, 2-4 points, Can close in 10 biz days in most cases, Nationwide USA. No owner occupied.

We also offer Blanket loans. Blanket loans require a minimum of two properties, minimum of $100k each.

Meredith J. Weiss
Private Money Nationwide

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