The program is very simple.  It is handled by licensed guys, start to 

We built this for our US customers, so that we wouldn't leave so much 
money on the table, as they cannot trade US based dollars in our 
institutional trading overseas.
So, the client submits CIS/Passport/POF, for the purpose of DD and 
accreditation.  They must be accredited, per SEC regs.
Client passes DD and we paper them up(NDA/Non-Solicit).
Client meets provider/gets scope of work documents.
Client moves his/her money into attorney client trust.
Attorney, on behalf of client, does transaction for instrument.
We leverage the instrument and exit instrument.

This process takes roughly 30 days.  It is simple, fast, very low risk 
for client.

The client will be given documents to substantiate exact numbers after

client is vetted, and on NDA/Non-solicitation docs.


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