Finance Rentals Through Buy To Rent
B2R offers innovative lending programs that you won’t find with other lenders. For example, we provide blanket loans allowing you to eliminate three or more residential mortgages and “package” several properties into a single loan.
We make “asset-based” loans, which means we primarily evaluate the cash flow of your rental property rather than your personal debt-to-income ratio. We can even provide loans for multiple properties in different states.
Simply put, B2R understands your challenges, and we work hard to find innovative solutions to help you. If you’re looking for effective and affordable ways to leverage and grow your portfolio, you now have a powerful, strategic partner dedicated to making that happen quickly and easily.
Contact B2R Finance today and see how we can help you get where you want to be, faster than ever before. Please call or email me if you can use this type of REI service to help grow rental portfolio quicker.
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Kerry Vaught
B2R Refer, Partner

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