Business Owners Can Get An Instant Tax Rebate for Christmas

Instant Tax Rebates are available for business owners which is driving a huge demand for working capital loans.

If a business owner buys equipment right now, the entire cost of equipment is tax deductible.  Business owners get to deduct the cost of equipment on the taxes for 2012, yet make payments for the equipment in 2013.

Additionally, there is a tax rebate on the “cost of capital”. Since we offer true business loans, the entire “cost of capital” is tax deductible.  The merchant gets to deduct cost of capital on taxes for 2012, yet repay the loan in 2013. This equals an instant rebate.  You can use the money for any business related expenses.

Qualifying is easy.  We have a simple 1-Page “quick” application that you submit and sign right online.  The whole submission process takes less than 15 minutes and there are absolutely no upfront fees/obligation.  We offer 24 hour approvals and 48 hour funding.

Precise is committed to ensure we can help as many business owners take advantage of the tax rebate.

There are very few business days left in 2012.  We are asking that business owners get fully submitted by the 28th of December  (the last day to take advantage of the tax rebate) so that your transaction can fund by December 31st, 2012.

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