As a Commercial Loan Originator I see a lot of people trying to start a business with little to know knowledge of how find and request funding. As a veteran I know that leaving the military and trying to work under a civilian that cannot possibly understand our experiences can be hard if not close to impossible. Thankfully I have access to a program specifically for Veterans and other service members to start their own companies.  Here are some of the details on the program. Feel free to ask any questions you may have. I am here to not only be a business person but a resource for those of you who request information. So please do not hesitate to send question, comments or anything else my way.



. To be eligible to receive a this Loan, the business must be owned and controlled (51 percent or more) by eligible veterans and members of the military community who want to establish or expand a small business.
Eligible military community members include:
  • Veterans
  • Service-disabled veterans
  • Active-duty service members eligible for the military’s Transition Assistance Program
  • Reservists and National Guard members
  • Current spouses of any of the above, including any service membe
  • Widowed spouses of service members or veterans who died during service or of a service-connected disability
Other factors that apply to this loan:
  • The maximum dollar amount for this loan is $500,000
  • It is a  loan that can be used for  start-up, expansion, equipment purchases, permanent working capital, and inventory or business-occupied real estate purchases

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