Business loans 500,000 to 5,000,000 and commercial mortgages 500,000 and above

Business loans 500,000 to 5,000,000 for expansion or for improvements or to purchase the building you are renting  Low down payment for growing businesses  Nationwide USA 

Business acquisition loans and for machinery purchases and franchise financing Attractive rates and terms  for profitable businesses

Debt refinancing to lower your payments 

Long repayment terms to lower your monthly payments  Business owner occupied financing so that you can buy the place you are renting for your business

Most businesses can qualify   if the business is profitable and the owners have good credit then there is possibility of part of the loan to be unsecured if there are not enough assets to cover the full loan amount 

Reduce your monthly payments on your existing business loans and acquire that business owner occupied property you have wanted to purchase but didn't have the funds to do so 

There are no financial covenants, balloons or future fees under this business loan program flexible prepay options in case you need to sell your business or to get future business loans. 

What is needed to qualify for this business loan program?

1. Must be profitable

2. Decent credit  some explanations of credit issues can be accepted

3.Must be able to show how business can grow with the new loan 

4. Must be willing to pledge collateral that is available 

5. Must be able to clearly show use of loan proceeds for loan amount of between 500,000 to 5,000,000 

6. Must be willing and able to provide tax returns, business and personal financials, and be able to prove how the borrowed funds will be used

7. If buying real estate for your business then your business must occupy at least 50% of the space as the purpose of the loan is for your business to expand and to purchase real estate and equipment for your business. Most types of businesses can qualify including restaurants, medical practices, assisted living facilities, service and retail businesses, hotels, motels, self storage facilities and most other type of businesses.

8. Start-ups are possible but have collateral that exceeds the loan amount being borrowed and detailed projections for three years and excellent credit

Please email loan request to

Commercial Mortgage Program  Nationwide USA  500,000 to 5,000,000  for commercial and residential properties  

Email address:  and website is  and telephone is 619-302-8061 and 541-632-3560

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