Is your business expanding and looking for some extra funds?

Sometimes a little financial help for a business is all it takes to make a good business a great one. If you need money for your business, Integra Financial Services Loan organization is here to fill that need with LOAN AT 5% INTEREST.

Our Organization specializes in assisting business in getting the loans that they need, when they need it. Our amounts range from $100K to $1B Business Loan. Our interest rates are competitive and attractive. Our approval process is swift and simple, leaving you with the cash you need to develop your business

Other services include:
1) Mortgage loans (From all banks and financial institutions)
2) Secretariat services (For established companies who require such services to assisting new business owners set up their company structure)

Contact us today for your Business/Project funding

Keith C.Rooker
Founder/President IFS Loan Services
Personal Loan Credit Direct and Commerce Services
Direct Line: +1 (702) 613-0673

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