Business & Commercial Real Estate Financing.

Over 25 years of business, commercial & commercial construction experience.  We have established financing source relationships using HUD, SBA, EB-5, Fanny Mae, Freddie Mac, insurance companies, investment bankers, trusts, wealth funds, accredited investors, venture capitalists, private money, corporate finance, pension funds, hedge funds and banks in order to provide the widest range of business and commercial real estate financing. 

 Multi-Family

 Senior Living

 Retail Plazas

 Office Buildings

 Mixed Use

 Flag Hotels

 Casino/Hotels

 Residential Tract Acquisition & Development

 Blanket Mortgages for multiple Investment Properties

We would be very interested in hearing about you, your clients, projects and your financing needs. Please feel free to contact us at your earliest convenience.

Bud Pattengale

NMLS: 1042127      Nevada MLD: 10146


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