Are you tired of running in circles with so-called Lenders who don't perform?

Well, we welcome you to try Swift Access Lending. We have been on the block for sometime now doing original business of Lending.

Swift Access Lending started off as a broker in 2002 and grew into a full-fledged Lender in 2009 after closing 896 loans to the tune of $150,000,000 in refinance only. Our capital base has grown up to more than 300% of the above figure according our July Financial Records (Financial year ended). We can only be proud to say our numbers just keep increasing through referrals and cordial relationship with our Clients. We suffice to say that we are birthed from years of sound experiences in the lending culture. As Private Money Lenders we deliver on our promise and consider all lending projects. We are strongly rooted in the lending culture, guided by the principle of providing innovative lending solutions. As a direct lending platform, we are your stronghold in terms of the need for financial liberation. 
Our lending style is based on “equal opportunity” principle without special consideration to color/race, origin, or disabilities of any kind provided the Borrower is of sane mind, independent and has the ability to repay the loan without the income or business of a third party especially the one not included in the agreement. 
We don’t just lend you money and leave you alone in the cold (especially business loan Borrowers) we will provide you with advise that would be helpful to you in order to repay the loan and build you up; so we are closer to our Clients than you think.

Give us the opportunity to make you one of our Testimonials by letting us satisfy your loan needs just like we did it for these guys:

*No one prays for problems but its part of life. Thank you the Swift Access Lending Team for the loan. It’s amazing, the flexible payback scheme you guys gave me to deduct such a minimal percent from my monthly salary even when it’s Pay-Day. I wish there are more people like you guys.

Tammy Geisel
(Lakewood, CA)
Phone: (562) 354-1509(562) 354-1509


*I was in deep mire, needing help to avoid the foreclosure on the property my wife left me. I wouldn’t have forgiven myself if that had happened because I thought I’d be letting her down. But thanks to the Swift Access Team, you guys are my “heaven sent”! I’m doing well with the property now. Please do drop-by one these weekends, the treat is on me!

Thank you very much,
John Hartzler
(Dallas, TX)
Phone: (214) 699-6243(214) 699-6243


Shhhh... don't tell anyone, we close even quicker than you know because we operate at your own pace. Alright, alright you can tell your friends.  :))

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Comment by Torrey Manning on November 1, 2014 at 10:22am

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