ask a lender partner of scottguide soliciting all brokers and lenders to advertiser with them with  promise daily results .. We sign up with scottguide with no results for 90 days and then with  "ask a lender " and still not even one lead . I heard the same complain from  others .When we called to complain we faced an attack on us, from all the staff and specially the manager " Mike Gagle "who never even bother to call us or check the matter  just sent us  an email saying they closing our acct and wont return our entire money paid as we requested   .. when we experiences is a bunch of crooked preying on us and others ,lie and ripped us off . the Acct Rep is JC Rodriquez  big lying person  These people and the promises they make are not for real !!

This is our experience and I am sure other's experience the same , you can make you own decision Just  dont want you to lose your money as we did .

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Comment by Admin on April 3, 2018 at 3:32pm

Advertise on a website that doesnt make false claims, one that charges affordable rates. We reach a wider audience than the site you mentioned and have very reasonable rates.


Comment by Richard Milford on April 3, 2018 at 2:08pm

its best to use word of mouth and low cost marketing strategies  but once money is paid you cannot expect refunds  marketing is a risk  and its getting tougher because more of the lenders are doing things online and cutting out brokers Lots of fraud, lies and just bad people in the finance business and related industries 

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