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Athas Capital is a direct lender using our own funds. There are no “Buy-Back” provisions. We underwrite, process and fund in house with institutional funds provided by our own Rama Capital Partners, LLC.  

Athas Capital provides consistent risk based pricing and “Common Sense” underwriting for the mortgage broker community supporting the NON-Prime lending space.

Residential in CA, AZ, OR, ID, CO, UT and TX:

  • Jumbo and Super Jumbo / Large Cash-Out
  • Consumer Non-Prime O/O and N/O/O
  • Business Purpose Loans on residential Stated Income
  • Residential Hard Money
  • Foreign National Programs to 60 LTV
  • Revised Fix and Flip Specials

Commercial Lending in selected US states to 65 LTV; no limit on cash-out; sweet spot— $100,000 to five million. Will go higher case by case. 

  • Mixed Use
  • Multi-Family
  • Office Buildings
  • Retail; Industrial; Warehouse
  • Groups of Condos or residential property owned by LLC or Corp
  • Commercial Hard Money Nationwide

We provide institutional structure; complete compliant guidelines and rate sheets published online. All underwriting, processing and funding done in house with our own funds.   

Happy to be a resource. Call me to discuss your scenario. 

Kind regards,


Barry Boston 

Mortgage Banker

Athas Capital Group   

877-877-1477 ext 213  |  Fax: 818-647-0175                           


Athas Capital Group's NMLS#: 275237

Unique Identifier NMLS#: 276884

CFL#: 603 F869




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