Asset Based Lending, Private Money for your Deals

Asset based lending is the new way to get funding for real estate investments; flips, rehabs, multifamily, and commercial!

Many borrowers lack the funding to take advantage of great property deals, and many lenders simply are not willing to give those funds. Private Money Exchange is a service that aims to change the way we conduct lending. The application process is simple and fast, and Private Money Exchange will walk you through everything. PME offers up to 65% LTV, perfect for those looking to flip or buy quickly.

If you are someone looking for funding for investment properties but failing, I work with Private Money Exchange, who gives loans to investors based on the criteria of the property. There’s no credit check, the loan is based on income, ability to pay and the value of the property. You can use this for the whole purchase or use it to finance a down payment for a conventional loan. 

For more information or to apply, here is the link to my page:

Please direct any questions regarding the application process towards

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