Are you struggling with Commercial Financing due to COVID?

Are you struggling with Commercial Financing due to COVID?

We all know that commercial lending has gotten tighter due to COVID.  Many lenders cut back on their loan amounts, pricing and even eliminated entire categories, like hospitality. You may have tried to buy a property last year, or refinance one with no success.

 Let’s put an end to all that! SOFIA Capital Ventures is your one-stop Concierge for Commercial Lending. We represent Billions of $$ seeking commercial real estate lending opportunities. Many of our lenders have thrived during COVID-19 and we want you to do the same.

Let us help you get your project qualified. Here are some examples of problems we’ve solved:

CASE STUDY #1: Recent Nursing Home Acquisition

 The borrower purchased a skilled nursing facility in New Jersey in February 2021 using hard money that comes due in 6 months. Because they are first-time operators and have very little business history they are having trouble refinancing. SOFIA Cap is able to provide several alternative solutions including SBA long-term financing to close before their hard money loan expires.

 CASE STUDY #2: Hotel Construction

 The borrowers began planning a boutique hotel in downtown Los Angeles several years ago and were applying for construction financing when COVID hit!  The industry pulled back from hospitality construction. Their land loan was about to expire. SOFIA Capital Ventures found them interim funding, a construction loan solution, and additional private equity and they will be able to begin construction by 2022.


CASE STUDY #3: Multifamily Purchase

 The borrowers wanted to move up from single family investments to a small apartment building. Because of COVID, small cap lenders backed off from 80% LTV down to about 60% LTV.  SOFIA Capital Ventures was able to find a lender who would still work with them with owner financing to make up the difference. Problem solved!

 Whatever your commercial financing needs are, SOFIA Capital Ventures may be able to provide you with a unique solution.

 FREE Analysis of any Commercial Loan request.

CONTACT:; CALL 719-819-3001 for the best fit in private Commercial Lending to meet your unique requirements.


Visit: to learn more about loan programs and additional services.

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