Are you a Casual Investor or an Asset Builder?


You made an important decision in you and your family's future.   You researched,
  studying the options.  You saw the big picture.   You know this is something you
 want and you make the decision to move forward.  Some of us  took money that we
 didn't have and invested in the education to learn about real estate investing.  We took 
money to do our LLC, our business  start up( businessr cards, signs, advertising,  
meetings , building list , searching for homes and doing  the numbers to see if what 
we had was a deal.    We know that we need to find  HML's, PML's to move forward 
with this real estate property that we found. There is also  securing a property  through
 Creative financing as well .We all are doing this for our future . We set goals
 and made plans  There are  sources for us , we need to share with others when 
we find something that works.
We place an offer on this property and them the process begins .  You are to close
 in 30 days .  You have cost at the get go  Earnest money, inspections,  sometimes
 appraisals are needed.  
I know this process well.   On one home you may pay $1000 to $2500 just to start. 
 Then you find the HML's   while still trying to find some PML's out there to take 
2nd on the  " skin money that you need to close, holding cost, 20% that  HML require. 
  Then on the 100% rehab  you think that is great but then you find out that on the 
100% rehab  you have to start the rehab with your own money before they release 
any of theirs. So now you need  a good chunk to make it happen.   
You have invested in your future in Business start up and working capital .  
 The only thing you have left is your Skin!   The deal is slowly going down the
 drain and you are faced with there is a solution but where is it and how do I get it? 
  You spend time seeking answers.   You pull back on any offers because you lost 
one due to no funding.    Your options,  are you can Quit,  or you can continue to meet
 and find the right combination to see it through.   It is like putting a puzzle together
until it clicks into place.   
Can you start and finish with a good outcome?  Of course you can . 
It may take a little longer than planned but this is not a race but a journey.   
I know because I have been there  and this process will continue each time we
 find a deal  So , You can be  a casual investor or an Asset Builder.   I myself want to
  be an Asset Builder.
There are   REI Funding Alternatives:  Working  with a company that understands
 the difficulties that we face in acquiring funding for real estate investors and
 new business startups has changed my ability to secure and make real estate
Leveraging other people's money is how this works, so you  receive a greater ROI.   
If you could establish  25k-200k at 0% interest for initial 12-18months with no up
 front fees, would this be somethings that could get you out front? and  Do it over and
 over again. These funds would place you in a winning position,
 with that skin money that you need to fill the gaps .  If you answered yes ,
 then what are you waiting on   You have 
nothing to loose and everything  to gain .  Position yourself for success as an 
asset builder.
Go to this site sign up and see if they can help you :
Have a Great Day and Good Luck 

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