Accredited JV Partner Sought for lucrative shallow horizontal oil well project

On July 24 at approximately 10:30 PM oil was produced by the first and only existing shallow horizontal well in this particular state. The well is producing approximately 125 - 200 BOPD and arrangements are being made to install a larger pumping mechanism which will hopefully raise production numbers to 300 - 500 BOPD.

I am seeking a JV Partner with the financial resources to quickly inject $500K - $100,000,000 into this project. Every penny invested will be utilized for drilling operations and securing adjacent mineral rights. Phase 2 will consist of 3 additional wells in the opposite direction and the mud logs are even better with a much wider pay zone.

We are not interested in any type of loan and seek a JV/Equity Partner.

The opportunity is real and the project is operated by honest, hard-working no-nonsense professionals.

Please contact me directly at 803-331-4101 if you have a serious interest . No information will be forwarded without the initial conversation.

Respectfully submitted,

John Hicks

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