“A 100% Financing Christmas Carol" - Happy Holidays - and Happy Funding - to everyone! WorldwideCommercialFunding.com

A 100% Financing Christmas Carol, featuring the Ghosts of (non)Funding Past, (Limited options) Funding Present, and (Do-you-really-want-to-spend-2018-still-looking-for-Financing?) Funding Future

Ben Scrooge’s former business partner, Marley, was dead – and along with Marley, any hope at locating viable 100% financing for their Worldwide business venture from $20 Million to $20 Billion USD.

Grumbling bitterly to himself at the death of both his friend, and his dream, Ben climbed the stairs from his home office to his bedroom and fell asleep to the comforting soundtrack of late night tv. As he dreamed, Marley came to him whispering, “Heed well the message of the 3 ghosts I send you, or you will spend the next 12 months still searching fruitlessly for funding – and I will be back to haunt you again next year!”

When Ben awoke, the room was bright – but not from the tv, which emitted a test pattern and beep he hadn’t seen since he was a child and the tv world went to sleep when Johnny Carson went off the air.

A beautiful sprite hovered by the edge of his bed, sparkling with gold bullion and diamonds. “I am the Ghost of Non-Funding Past,” she said.

“What?” Ben asked, dazed by the glittering and his lack of morning coffee.

Rolling her eyes, she grabbed his hand. “Just come with me. Time is money and you – and I – don’t have any to waste.”…

They flew into the night sky, over scenes of procrastination (“Two months to fill out a 3-page loan application?” The ghost asked. “Really?”), non-performing lenders (“What do you mean they made you pay fees directly to them, and not through escrow, before you were offered terms and did your due diligence on the lender?) and out-and-out-scams (“2% interest rate? Did you seriously think a legitimate lender was going to make a business decision like that?”)

Discouraged, angry, and afraid time was running out, Ben landed back in his room, awaiting the next ghost.

“I am the ghost of (Limited Options) Funding Present” a booming voice proclaimed. Knowing the drill, Ben held out his arm, ready for another wild ride in the night.

They flew past JV Lenders (“They want 50% of my project just for funding? And I provide all the work? I’m not that desperate”). The Ghost gave him a shrewd glance and Ben, who was feeling his own mortality since Marley’s death realized maybe he was feeling that desperate. They flew past Traditional banks (who only required 35% down, a personal guarantee, and a DNA sample) and shadowy lenders promising the same non-performance Ben had already endured in the past.

“It doesn’t have to be like this,” the Ghost said, depositing Ben back in his room.

“What do you mean?” Ben asked, wishing at least one of the Ghosts would have let him stop at one of the hundreds of coffee houses they’d passed.

“Listen well, Ben Scrooge, and take heed. Worldwide Commercial Funding may be able to help you get up-to-100% financing, with all of the fees, including theirs, either reimbursed or paid at funding. You don’t have to keep struggling. They might be able to make you financially whole. But if not –“ He glowered at Ben. “This next year will be spent the same as all of your previous years – searching fruitlessly for financing, instead of growing your business, and your fortune.”

With a swirl of wind, he was gone.

The lights flickered, then died. The hair on the back of Ben’s neck rose in eerie attention.   Shivering, he turned, finding a horrible sight.  The Ghost of “Still-searching-for-funding” Future.

Stacks of emails, loan applications, and lost earnest money deposits on commercial properties he couldn't close on, towered over him like prison walls. Money flew out the window – lost due diligence fees, unrealized profits, lost money in the form of time.

“No!” Ben shouted. “Tell me it doesn’t have to be this way! Tell me I don’t have to spend another year searching for funding only to come up empty!   Help me Ghost of Funding Future! Help me find what I need to make my business venture a reality!”

From between the piles of loan applications a link to this Blog post appeared.

“Heed our warning, Ben Scrooge,” a ghostly voice said. “Time is money.   Let 2018 be the year of funding your business, not the year of fruitlessly searching for funding.”

Ben woke with a start, the tv tuned to a real estate informercial, his laptop next to him on the bed. Wishing at least one of the ghosts had left a latte on his bedside table, Ben reached for his reading glasses. As Ben read, optimism and delight filled his body like caffeine.

“It’s not too late!” He shouted to the empty room. “I can get the funding I need to make my business dreams reality!”

Throwing back the covers, catching his laptop before he knocked it off the bed, Ben bounded awake determined to get the funding he needed.

And some coffee.

“Happy Holidays to all!” he shouted, racing down the street, laptop in hand, toward the coffee shop. “And 100% Financing. To every one!”

(Sincere thanks – and apologies – to Charles Dickens for letting me have some fun with his literary classic.)

About us: WorldwideCommercialFunding.com arranges up-to 100% financing for worldwide business ventures from $20 million to $20 Billion USD.   Fees, if any, are only paid after you’ve received loan terms and been able to do your due diligence on the lender and the loan program, and are often paid into US escrow, only released to the lender after funding, and fully refundable if you don’t get funded. Additionally the lenders can usually roll all fees into funding – including ours – so that everything is either paid, or paid back to you, at funding. For more information email Info@WorldwideCommercialFunding.com or apply online at www.WorldWideCommercialFunding.com  

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