2nd Mortgages for NOO Properties Available +

2nd Mortgages for O/O and NOO Properties (for Borrowers or Brokers)

Stated Income Available in California Only for Business Purpose Loans
Up to 65% CLTV (60% CLTV preferred)
Purchase Money for NOO Properties up to 65% LTV.

For Quote visit:  www.equitywavelending.com/rob

Non-QM 2nd Mortgages (for Brokers Only)

Full Doc or 12 months Bank Statements OK
NOO up to 80% CLTV or O/O properties allowed up to 90% CLTV
NO NMLS is required for NOO properties in most states.
Send your scenario to -- rehabloansbyrob@gmail.com or call direct to 303-521-7622.

For Borrowers Only:
Cash Flow Business Funding Available using your business bank statements –

Need a Commercial Loan – All Asset Classes OK – All States

Complete our Quick Mini App about you and your property.


We will then match you with one of our 400+ Credit Unions, Commercial or Private Money Lenders, to get you the best offer. No Obligation – No initial Credit Check – Get started today.

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